Personal/Family Care
This is one of the core services offered by ALM – the opportunity for individuals, couples or families to meet personally with members of the ALM staff. During these appointments, you will appreciate the practical and prayerful help, as you are instructed and coached from a Biblical perspective. You will be encouraged to apply scriptural principles to life’s challenging situations. Every effort is made to schedule women with a female staff member, men with a male, and husbands and wives with an ALM married couple.
Guest Speaking
John Charles and his wife Sharon are frequent speakers at churches, men’s/women’s groups, camps, conferences, retreats and Christian schools. They teach on marriage and family-related topics, as well as issues of personal spiritual growth. To schedule an ALM speaker for your church or event, please call the ALM office.
Seasonal Events
Abundant Living Ministries is well known for its entertaining Valentine Dinners each February, and the Luncheon for Widows held each summer. Many thousands have attended these events aimed at providing light-hearted fun, Christian fellowship and an encouraging challenge.
Our Support
ALM has no established fee for its seminars and personal/family care services. A responsible donation is expected, but services shall never be denied because of inability to contribute. Many people who are not able to give as much as they would like at the time of the service later choose to become regular supporters of ALM in its outreach efforts to families.

There are a number of ways for interested parties to contribute to the work of ALM. Regular monthly support and one-time gifts are greatly appreciated. In-kind contributions are welcomed. Donated labor is also a special blessing! From time to time, there are special needs for equipment and skilled tradesmen. If you’d like to inquire about supporting ALM, please contact our office.


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