sharon charles

Raised in a wonderful Christian family in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Sharon met her husband, John, at college in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Ever since their marriage in 1973, she has worked alongside her husband in ministry. They did church youth work in Indiana, followed by missionary service in Brazil. In 1979 they returned to the USA to assist John’s parents in the founding of Abundant Living Ministries.

At ALM she has carried many responsibilities… counseling, speaking at seminars and women’s groups, teaching prepared childbirth classes and writing many of the articles produced by the ministry. Sharon particularly enjoys teaching and writing. She has written two books, Heaven on Earth Family Style, and Raising Eternity’s Child. One of her delights is helping women find fulfillment in their roles as Godly wives and mothers. She feels extremely blessed to be able to share God’s life-changing truth with so many through the ministry of ALM.

John and Sharon have four grown children and four grandchildren (so far!). Her hobbies include reading, crocheting, jigsaw puzzles, and entertaining, but most of all she loves spending time with John and their kids and grandkids.

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